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Coronavirus Cleaning in the Southern United States

If you are in need of Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfection services, call our hotline at 1-888-382-2930 for 24/7 assistance.

Who performs deep cleaning when there’s been a coronavirus outbreak in your town?

How about your business?

How do you reassure your customers, patients, and staff when contact tracing has indicated contamination at your location?

Biohazard remediation companies are stepping […]

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4 Myths of Crime Scene Cleanup

Anyone can become a victim of suicide or a traumatic accident, or even a homicide or violent crime.

When such misfortunes take place, crime scene cleanup technicians come in handy. Crime scene cleaners play a vital role in our society. They provide essential crime scene cleaning, and blood cleanup services to those affected directly or indirectly.

Well, […]

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Suicide Cleanup Texas

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention estimates that a suicide occurs in our country approximately once every 12 minutes. This is a staggering statistic, but when it hits home and you are faced with a suicide of a loved one, no statistic really matters. The aftermath of a suicide for loved ones left behind is […]

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Meth Lab Cleanup DFW

Because of the over dramatization of drugs on TV and in the movies, many of us have a pretty realistic visual image of a Meth Lab and even understand some of the very basics. The fact is, thousands of homes have been used for this purpose and the need for meth lab cleanup has dramatically […]

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Texas Blood and Trauma Cleanup

Peace of mind can come from the most unexpected places. A tragic accident or violent crime is likely to shake people to the core.

The process of cleaning up the blood and other contaminants just adds to the stress and anxiety of the situation. Not only is Blood Cleanup unpleasant and emotionally taxing it can also […]

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Suicide Clean up TX

There is nothing more upsetting and painful than knowing that a loved one was in so much despair that he/she decided to take their own life. A suicide leaves a family grieving and battling all types of conflicting emotions including sadness, anger and disbelief. On top of coping with the sudden, violent and tragic loss, […]

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Texas Unattended Death Cleanup

An Unattended Death creates a potentially hazardous situation for anyone responsible for the death cleanup. Body Decomposition can begin quickly in the heat of a Texas summer. You need the help of professionals from KRI, who are trained and adhere to Strict Protocol for cleanup of an Unattended Death in Texas. Our technicians are discreet […]

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Crime Scene Clean Up TX

Many might consider suicide, death and crime scene cleanup one of the most difficult and disturbing jobs in the country. Cleaning up blood, bodily fluids and remains after a trauma or crime is painstaking, tedious and emotionally taxing, but it is also essential to the healing process after a violent event. KRI offers professional cleanup […]

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Violent Crime Clean Up

A violent crime is defined as a crime in which a perpetrator uses or threatens violence onto another individual. The FBI puts violent crimes into four major categories: murder, forcible rape, robbery or aggravated assault. As you might expect, crimes of this nature leave behind a victim who needs immediate medical attention and a crime […]

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Texas Trauma Cleanup

Texas Trauma CleanupKRI Crime Scene Cleanup provides comprehensive and professional biohazard cleanup services to those in the Texas area. Our team specializes in crime scene clean up, suicide cleaning, drug operation cleanup, unattended death cleanup, blood cleanup and biohazard decontamination and disposal. This set of services is available immediately, normally within 24 hours of a request. Our cleanup crew is also sensitive to the fact that this is a difficult time for you and your family and provides respectful, discreet and compassionate service to each and every one of our clients.

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