Suicide Cleanup ServicesIt’s sad to think about all the people in the world who are bi-polar or suffer from depression. It’s also sad when those people decide to do something about it. Suicide is a tragic affair of life and we feel horrible whenever it happens, especially for the friends and family members of someone who took their own life. There are so many things to take care after an incident such as this, and that’s why we offer our professional suicide cleanup services to Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana home, business, and other property owners.

Suicide Clean Up Response & Scene Processing

Following a suicide, there’s a lengthy process to be undertaken. First, authorities must determine that the death was in fact a suicide and that no crime has taken place. Authorities will remove the body but will not clean up any other remains. While the family deals with funeral arrangements and notifications to other family and friends, have KRI’s professional technicians clean up the remains from the suicide scene so that the area may return to a sterile condition for everyone who occupies it afterward. We will assess and decontaminate any area that has experienced suicide, including homes, businesses, public areas, and vehicles.

Suicide Cleanup Professionals

Professional suicide cleanup crews are almost always a requirement following a suicide. With dead bodies comes a host of bacteria and other infectious substances, and these materials are considered biohazardous. Anyone cleaning up the remains of a suicide or other death must take careful precautions against these biohazards and wear protective equipment. The professional suicide cleanup technicians at KRI have all the necessary protective gear and equipment that make cleaning up death scenes safe for everyone involved. We want to ensure that the area gets back to a sanitary and livable condition for everyone involved.

Suicide Cleaners For All Scenarios

There are many different scenarios that can be encountered when it comes to cleaning up suicides. If a body is found right away, and there is minimal mess, then cleanup is typically easier and less involved, but still necessary to be done by a professional. If a body isn’t found for days or weeks, then cleanup is more intense and involves incredibly thorough cleaning such as duct work/ventilation systems to remove strong odors. Also, many suicides often involve a deadly weapon, and this can result in bloodshed and cause a mess to the area that needs to be cleaned up by a professional so that no harm may come to anyone coming into contact with the area.

Suicide Scene Restoration

We at KRI are very saddened for your loss. Suicide is a difficult incident to deal with and we want to relieve you of at least a little stress. Call us to clean up the mess so that you can focus on getting back to your loved ones still here. We will take every precaution to ensure that your location gets back to a sterile condition.

If you’re in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana and in need of suicide cleanup services, contact the professionals of KRI for a confidential consultation at 1-888-382-2930, email at or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.

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