About KRI Crime Scene CleanupKRI Crime Scene Cleanup is a full services Biohazard, Crime Scene, Hoarding and Death Cleanup Company that serves the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. We treat every cleanup task as unique and individual, because no scene is identical. Our biohazard cleanup crew strives to show the highest amount of professionalism and discretion – so you experience minimal interruption in your home, business or the public. Our professional cleanup services include homicide (murder) cleanup, bodily fluid or blood decontamination, unattended death or suicide cleaning, hoarding or trashed home treatment, and any needed sanitation services in-between.

While we are considerate and professional, our main goal is safety. Safety for the present and future of the people and area that has been exposed to biohazard substances. Unfortunate situations often leave an area dangerous but we are confident that we can restore the area and surrounding areas back to being safe and habitable, once again.

Experienced Biohazard Cleanup Professionals

Our team of certified, licensed and insured cleanup professionals have had years of experience. We know the industry and use the latest bio cleaning technologies and methods to ensure our clients safety, as well as our personal safety. We always equip our cleanup staff and anyone else in the area with hazardous material suits that are designed specifically for the cleanup of blood and any possible blood borne pathogens or infectious diseases. We use air purifiers, extractors, foggers and many other decontaminating methods to successfully bring your home, office or any other location back to a healthy environment.

Courteous Team of Professionals

Don’t be discouraged to reach out because of your situation. You don’t have to be alone in your time of need and we would never disclose the information given to us about your cleaning service needs to the public. When you choose to partner with KRI, you’ll be dealing with us personally as well as discreetly. We understand times after a crime, suicide, death or accident will be hard, we are passionate about making it easier on our clients so you can focus on your health and healing.

Contact KRI if you’re searching for a highly experienced and professional biohazard cleanup team at 1-888-382-2930, email at info@kricsc.com or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page – anytime, day or night!