Ebola Virus DecontaminationWhen it comes to a possible Ebola outbreak in the US, everyone now understands the need to be safe, rather than sorry. Ebola is rare in America but deadly, which is why it needs to be contained and remediated immediately. KRI provides Professional Ebola Decontamination Services for Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. We have qualified and protected bio cleanup crew members that have proper protocol set in place to ensure the virus will be completely eradicated in the areas that an infected person has been, whether it be a hospital, home, apartment, office, vehicle or any other environment.

When dealing with Ebola decontamination local, state and even county government bodies will be involved as well as the CDC, to ensure the virus is documented and successfully eliminated. We will work closely with them to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. The risks of this severe and deadly virus can be successfully removed with the proper protocol that KRI Biohazard Cleanup has set in place and follows.

What is Ebola?

The Ebola Virus, also known as EVD or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is an illness first discovered in 1976, near the Ebola River in Congo; thus how it got its name. This virus is the result of cross-species transmission and plagues West Africa. Signs of infection are often sudden and include: fever, pain, headache, sore throat and continue with vomiting, diarrhea, failing organ function and can progress into internal and external bleeding. The Ebola Virus is an extreme biohazard risk and should be handled as such.

How is Ebola Spread?

In America, Ebola is spread by human to human transmission of blood and body fluids of the person infected or direct contact with personal articles and environments they have had contract with while showing signs.

How to Contain Ebola?

More than just standard procedures should be followed when it comes to remediating Ebola or any other infectious disease. Our experienced and professional biohazard team is confident in our decontamination and containment process because we are overly cautious, prepared and equipped. Not only do we provide Level A protection procedures but we also conduct post-cleanup medical monitoring for our certified biohazard staff and technicians, to ensure effective neutralization of the outbreak.

Prepared for the Worst

The biohazard recovery team at KRI is prepared and willing to go to the extremes in order to ensure the safety of the American nation when it comes to the spread of the Ebola Virus. We have worked with the federal government to set in place the proper decontamination methods, transportation and incineration of materials possibly infected. Fully enclosed protection from head to toe and self-contained breathing is the protection we supply for our team of experts.

If you’re in need of Ebola Decontamination Services in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana contact KRI immediately at 1-888-382-2930, email at info@kricsc.com or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.

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