Bio-Hazard Cleanup SpecialistsBiohazard cleanup isn’t what you’d call a pretty job, but someone has to do it and there is no company better to trust with your personal health and the condition of your property than the biohazard cleanup team of KRI. We offer Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana our decontamination services for a number of situations. We can eliminate the health threat you and people close to you are facing with biohazard removal solutions for residential, commercial, educational, healthcare, outdoor and any other locations. Our team has years of experience, multiple certifications, are licensed, insured and bonded. We take our job seriously and require that our standards are above that of OSHA, EPA and DEC. If you an in need of blood/ bodily fluid cleanup, death, suicide or homicide cleanup, accident, filth/hoarding clean up, even tear gas clean up or any other type of cleaning, decontamination or remediation services– contact the highly trained professionals at KRI.

Crime Scene / Trauma Cleanup

Crime, death and trauma are never easy to deal with but what’s left after the incident won’t be cleaned up by police, medical professionals or anyone else. Unfortunately, it is left to the people who are usually closest to the victim. We offer our crime scene and trauma cleanup so that the area that has been contaminated can be cleaned by a professional. Our sanitation services also spare you the pain of going through and possibly reliving the unfortunate and life changing events that unfolded. You have enough going on in your life at this moment, don’t put the added weight of proper cleanup on your shoulders too. Partner with us, so you can focus on family and healing and have no doubt in your mind that the area is safe when we are finished.

Suicide Cleanup

Following a suicide, there’s a lengthy process to be undertaken. First, authorities must determine that the death was in fact a suicide and that no crime has taken place. Authorities will remove the body but will not clean up any other remains. While the family deals with funeral arrangements and notifications to other family and friends, have KRI’s professional technicians clean up the remains from the suicide scene so that the area may return to a sterile condition for everyone who occupies it afterward. We will assess and decontaminate any area that has experienced suicide, including homes, businesses, public areas, and vehicles.

Biohazard Removal

Whether you’re in need of medical, pharmaceutical, household, electronic or any other type of hazardous waste removal – KRI is more than capable of handling your biomedical and hazardous waste management needs. Our waste management team has the necessary hazardous waste containers, protocol and we uphold biohazard compliance guidelines – to ensure everyone’s safety. If you generate biohazard waste for any reason, we can efficiently, affordably and reliably dispose of it properly.

Blood Cleanup

There are serious health risks when dealing with blood, it is important to understand that bloodborne pathogens can be easily transmitted when in direct contact with bloodshed. Even after the blood is gone, if the area is not correctly sanitized, transmission of a multitude of diseases and illnesses can still be possible. Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary health risks, contact KRI for proper blood cleanup and area sanitation. Even cleaning up a nose bleed could have life changing affects if the correct equipment and procedures are not carried out.

Unattended Death

An undetected death is not only a difficult and unfortunate time but it also creates a highly hazardous environment around the space decomposition took place. Any area that has had direct contact needs to be removed and the area around it needs to be sanitized, both at the surface and in the air. This could quite possibly be the hardest time in your life and you should in no way have to clean up after someone you were close to. In your time of need contact KRI, we will do everything in our power to help you get through this experience, as well as being as discreet as possible.

Decomposing Odor Removal

Strong odors that are caused by decomposition pose health threats to the direct and surrounding areas. Many times the odors are cause by harmful gases, bacteria and airborne particles that are very capable of causing detrimental and long-term health concerns; sanitation and decontamination is important to not only the smell of the environment but the safety as well. Our professional cleanup crew won’t just cover up what you’re smelling, we’ll eliminate the source and ensure your desired area is safe and no longer has a lingering smell.

Vehicle Blood Cleanup

Vehicle accidents are all too common and many times result in serious injury or death. If you’ve experienced an accident that’s left blood or bodily fluid in your car, truck, SUV, squad car, emergency vehicle or any other type of automobile – KRI is the biohazard cleanup company you should contact. We can decontaminate your vehicle so that it is once again safe to operate.

Hoarding Cleanup

Sometimes people just need a fresh start, whether it’s a collection that’s gotten a little out of hand or you realize there’s a severe hoarding problem – KRI is experienced at helping restoring homes and the daily lives of anyone in need of our hoarding remediation services. Through our delicate and understanding process we can help you restore your space and allow you to keep what is truly valuable, while clearing out what is not. Our specialized team is not pushy, cares about the quality of your life and wants to help improve the position you and your loved ones are in.

Tear Gas Cleanup

Tear gas, also known as riot gas, can leave a property trashed, full of hazardous residue and can easily diminish property value. Our professional tear gas remediation services will eliminate the film left that coats your property from ceiling to floor. Our multiple treatment processes and specialized equipment will result in a clean and healthy environment that is completely safe for habitation.

Meth Lab Cleanup

The dangers of a meth lab or drug house are present well after the drugs and the drug cooking process has been removed. It is necessary for any location to be completely decontaminated because the risks left from chemical wastes are real and can affect anyone entering and existing in a former meth lab or drug cooking location. KRI offers professional drug cleanup services that will ensure any property is legally safe to once again be occupied.

Water, Sewage, & Flood Remediation

Water, flood and sewage damage can get extensive and the longer it sits in an environment the greater the damage. The biohazard professionals at KRI offer water, sewage and flood damage cleanup and restoration services for properties that need to return to normal conditions. We have the training, skills and equipment to successfully remove biohazard waste, decontaminate and fully restore the area that has been affected.

Ebola Decontamination

Very few words put fear into Americans like the word Ebola. For the first time, in history, we‘ve had an encounter with the deadly virus in Texas. Even one death from Ebola is too many, which is why our biohazard decontamination experts at KRI have developed and maintain a government approved Ebola Decontamination Process. The process involves area isolation, surface decontamination, infected material removal and incineration, lastly our team members will be quarantined after the decontamination process has been successful – for extreme precaution. We are over prepared and trained for remediation of a deadly infectious disease that will hopefully remain outside of the US boarders from this point forward.

Certified Bio Hazardous Cleanup

If you are located in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana contact our highly qualified biohazard experts for any of the above services, we are compassionate, professional, timely and always show up with unmarked vehicle to ensure your discretion, no matter the service we’re providing. Contact KRI for a confidential consultation at 1-888-382-2930, email at or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.