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Who performs deep cleaning when there’s been a coronavirus outbreak in your town?

How about your business?

How do you reassure your customers, patients, and staff when contact tracing has indicated contamination at your location?

Biohazard remediation companies are stepping up to assist with coronavirus outbreaks and routine deep cleaning, particularly in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, Florida, and Arkansas.

How do biohazard companies clean up COVID-19 contamination?

As part of their everyday routines, professional environmental cleanup teams—those that also handle crime scenes, blood spills, and unattended deaths—follow CDC and OSHA guidelines for cleaning sites infected by pathogens.

They’re armed with effective yet environmentally-safe cleaning solutions, fogging devices, and industrial carpet and textile cleaning machines, and use techniques that isolate and remove bacteria and viruses.

Did you know? Improper wipe-down and mopping of high-touch surfaces can actually spread dangerous pathogens?

Teams respond to emergency calls 24/7, and perform regularly-scheduled deep cleaning sessions to quickly, thoroughly, and discreetly decontaminate sites in a fraction of the time required of in-house staff.

They maintain their own personal protection equipment (PPE) supply, dispose of all contaminated waste materials according to local and federal laws, and provide documentation to businesses and private homes that reassure employees, the public, and residents the premises are safe.

How have coronavirus cleaning professionals helped businesses in the Southern U.S.?

KRI Crime Scene Cleanup, a leading national trauma and biohazard cleanup company, has experienced an increased demand in all its service areas but has recognized the need for more resources in southern, southeastern, and southwestern states.

These are a few of the calls in this region to which our teams have responded in recent weeks:

Rental vehicle fleet in Arkansas

We regularly service “biohazard vehicles“, those contaminated by bodily fluids or damaged by post-flooding mold and mildew. First responders hire us to clean patrol vehicles and ambulances, and lately, we’ve been called in to decontaminate rental and commercial fleets as a precaution against coronavirus spread.

One client has been able to assure its customers that their cars are safe and sanitized between each rental, as we send out a team to clean “batches” of vehicles every two to three days. This saves the client labor, improves turnaround, and establishes brand trust among the public.

Private motel chain in Texas

As with rental cars, many hotels and motels are working hard to sanitize rooms in between guest visits. Some have begun leaving sanitized rooms vacant for 72 hours as an added precaution against spreading coronavirus and limiting access to value-added amenities.

Our services have allowed one east Texas family chain to stay solvent without compromising the well-being of their guests and staff with regularly-scheduled deep-cleaning, including HVAC systems and textiles.

Food packing and distribution center in Louisiana

The food service industry is always vigilant about dangerous pathogens, including E. coli and salmonella. Packing plants have experienced some of the worst outbreaks, which is why our long-time Louisiana produce packer and distributor has opted to bring us in for weekly deep-cleaning.

They value their employees’ health and that of the public and appreciate that we complete our decontamination and deep-cleaning with minimal downtime.

Long-term care facilities in Oklahoma

Nursing homes and convalescent hospitals struggle to reassure patients and their families that their facilities are safe in the age of coronavirus.

One regional long-term care facility operator has found our scheduled services to be an effective means of supporting its staff and protecting its patients.

Our biohazard cleaning teams allow staff to focus on the jobs they do best, preserve their PPE supplies, and give families hope that our enhanced cleaning is an important step toward loosening visitation restrictions.

Who else uses professional coronavirus cleanup services?

Heres a brief list:

  • Daycare facilities
  • Health clubs
  • Nail and hair salons
  • Medical facilities
  • Movie theatres
  • Retail stores
  • Homes
  • Apartment complexes
  • Truck stop/service stations
  • Correctional facilities
  • Manufacturing, assembly, and shipping plants
  • Funeral homes
  • Houses of worship

How to hire a COVID-19 decontamination team near you

These are just a few projects in which we have helped businesses navigate “the new normal”. How can we help you manage your coronavirus contamination risk?

KRI Crime Scene Cleanup has customer support associates standing by 24/7 to assist with estimates and scheduling.

We’ll help you identify available funding resources, and we often work directly with our clients’ business and property insurance companies to cover the costs of cleanup.

Contact us today if you’d like to include our licensed and accredited services in your emergency response plan, routine deep-cleaning program, or if you have an immediate need for coronavirus cleaning.