Unattended Death CleanupOne of the most difficult circumstances in bio hazardous cleanup would have to be unattended death. We are here for you if you are in need of help with cleaning up what remains. Our certified, licensed, insured and most of all compassionate team offers unattended death cleanup services in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. We understand that this is a grim time for you and will be as delicate and discreet in the matter as possible. Our decontamination services will get the area were decomposition occurred back to a healthy state, which is a service not offered by the coroner.

Proper Disposal & Area Decontamination

Unfortunately, not everything may be salvageable and for your own safety and the safety of anyone entering the area in the future we may need to remove furniture or other materials that have been affected by this ill-fated circumstance. But anything we don’t need to dispose of we will sanitize and deodorize. Our certified team does everything we can to offer you timely body decomposition cleaning, so you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of this crisis for longer than needed.

Natural Death & Biohazard Cleanup

A natural death or an unattended death that leads to body decomposition creates a very hazardous health scene. The natural process of a decomposing body affects the area where the deceased was found. Bacteria starts to develop almost immediately and once it becomes airborne the smell is extremely hard to handle, so much so that it can lead to sickness. Our OSHA compliant unattended death cleanup services will completely decontaminate the area, eliminate the strong odors and restore the entire area to a sterile and safe environment once again.

Unattended Death Decomposition Cleanup

The risks of cleaning up an unattended death are numerous, not to mention the mental anguish involved as loved ones are usually hard to recognize and the shock of a death can come on strong. Don’t make a decision you can’t take back; for your health and the health of everyone that will come in contact with the area contact KRI. We use specialty equipment, chemicals, air sanitizers and guarantee the safety of the environment before we leave.

Restoring Property After Unattended Death

Our biohazard team of professionals specializes in unattended death cleanup in apartments, homes, businesses, cabins, hotels, garages, even outdoors. There is a crucial need for disinfecting the area someone has died in because toxins and bacteria all play a role in body decomposition and can cause harm to anyone that comes in contact with the area. We can discreetly sanitize the area in need and our services are often covered by insurance.

If you’re in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana and need a qualified team to clean the area of an unattended death – contact KRI for a confidential consultation at 1-888-382-2930, email at info@kricsc.com or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.

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