Vehicle Blood Cleanup ServiceKRI specialized in vehicle blood cleanup – for suicides, deaths and any kind of aftermath of a crash. We offer our services in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Trauma cleanup is a difficult task in itself but when you add confined spaces it becomes even trickier. Our certified biohazard cleanup team is trained and experienced in handling complete vehicle sanitation to ensure the safety of anyone that will be using or in the vehicle in the future. From public transportation, such as subways, busses, taxicabs, trains, ferries, airlines to semi-trucks, other commercial vehicles, law enforcement vehicles and even personal vehicles – we offer our blood cleanup and sanitation services to anyone in need.

Proper Vehicle Sanitation & Remediation

Whether it’s a break-in that left a trace of blood or a tragic accident that cost lives – our services will see that no further harm comes from the unfortunate events that unfolded. Vehicle biohazard risks are real and just cleaning the visible mess will not decontaminate the area, which means bloodborne pathogens, bacteria, diseases and infection can continue to be a threat. It’s detrimental to seek the help of OSHA certified biohazard cleanup specialists in any instance that involves possible contact with bodily fluid.

Vehicle Biohazard Cleanup Professionals

Our biohazard decontamination company follows strict procedures that consist of the removal of any materials that can’t be successfully sterilized, multiple and precisely timed sanitizing phases of the entire vehicle and chemical testing to guarantee safety of the vehicle. It is common for our vehicle blood cleanup services to be covered by auto insurance. Be confident that the vehicle you’re planning on using after an accident or blood spill is safe with the help from KRI.

Contact the biohazard decontamination company KRI for vehicle blood cleanup services in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana today at 1-888-382-2930, email at or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.

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