A violent crime is defined as a crime in which a perpetrator uses or threatens violence onto another individual. The FBI puts violent crimes into four major categories: murder, forcible rape, robbery or aggravated assault. As you might expect, crimes of this nature leave behind a victim who needs immediate medical attention and a crime scene that is gruesome and difficult to see. It is something that no family ever wants to have to deal with, but if you are faced with it, beginning the healing process is very important. While you handle arrangements or support the victim’s recovery, you can hire certified biohazard cleanup professionals to take over the task of restoring the crime scene back to safety so that you and your loved ones are not continually reminded of the violent act. KRI specializes in violent crime scene clean up for those in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana and will respond immediately, when you need it.

Crime Scene Cleaners for Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana

No matter what the type, a violent crime leaves a family in shock, struggling with the magnitude of the senseless act and faced with the knowledge of the pain and suffering that their loved one endured. The crime scene is a constant reminder of this pain and suffering and restoring it back to safety is an important part of the healing process. KRI can take this daunting task away and complete the cleanup process with safety, discretion and respect in mind. Our team understands how difficult this time is for your family and we do our job calmly, quietly (never communicating any details with others) and respectfully so that you can focus on your family.

A crime scene that contains blood and bodily fluids is a biohazard risk for those who may come into contact with it. Our team will restrict the area, sanitize, disinfect and dispose of all biohazard waste so that the area can be safely inhabited once again. We realize this will not take away all memory of the violent act, but knowing that all traces of biohazard materials have been eradicated and that the area is once again safe, generally is a step in the right direction.

Safety First with KRI

Our crime cleanup team always defers to the first responders and will not step into a crime scene until it has been cleared. Our crew is equipped with protective gear to maintain their own safety and the strongest, professional grade cleaning agents and equipment, specially designed to clean a crime scene. We can respond immediately to your cleanup need — all you have to do is call 1-888-382-2930 and we will take care of the rest.