An Unattended Death creates a potentially hazardous situation for anyone responsible for the death cleanup. Body Decomposition can begin quickly in the heat of a Texas summer. You need the help of professionals from KRI, who are trained and adhere to Strict Protocol for cleanup of an Unattended Death in Texas. Our technicians are discreet and compassionate when dealing with the situation. We utilize Professional Grade Cleaners to disinfect, decontaminate and eliminate odors from the scene. Proper disposal of all contaminated or Biohazard Materials is required by law.

Discovering a Dead Body

When a person is living alone and passes away it may be some time before the body is discovered. Texas is located in area that becomes very hot during the summer. A deceased body can begin to decompose in as little as 15 minutes. Finding a body in this condition can be very traumatic for families, friends or landlords. After the death has been reported to the proper authorities and the deceased has been transported away from the scene, experts should be called in to begin the death cleanup process.

Licensed Cleanup After Unattended Death

There are federal regulations and protocols to follow when you cleanup an Unattended Death in Texas. KRI is a trusted company that is licensed to step in and restore the property to a safe environment. We use Professional Grade Cleaners and techniques that follow strict protocol for decontamination after a dead body has been removed. Our technicians are trained to effectively eliminate the stench of death and disinfect thoroughly to remove biological matter.

Cleaning Scene of Unattended Death

Depending on the circumstances, location and timeframe of the death, the scene can be very overwhelming for a family to deal with. During this trying time the thought of protecting your self from biohazard materials is probably not at the top of your mind. Quite often there is biological matter that can cause disease upon unprotected exposure. KRI professionals are very knowledgeable, trained and equipped to take care of the hazardous situation so that nobody is exposed.

Cleanup of Death Scene in Texas

KRI Crime Scene Cleanup is a team of highly qualified individuals who are ready to provide death cleanup assistance following an unattended death. First call 911 and then call KRI. We are only a phone call away if you require cleanup of the scene of a death in Texas. Our technicians have professional grade cleaners and equipment that can restore the scene to a safe environment. When we have completed the death cleanup process, all Biohazard Materials will have been removed according to strict protocol for individual and public safety.

If you are in Texas, contact KRI at 1-888-382-2930, or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.