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Storm Damage Clean Up Texas

Storm Damage Restoration TXKRI is a very experienced company that is well respected as Disaster Cleaners. Our job is often extremely messy with painstaking hours spent to restore the hardest hit areas. Texas Flood Water Cleanup is an area where expertise is required to decontaminate, sanitize and restore structures to safe environments. Our disaster response team is ready to jump into action where we are needed most for comprehensive Storm Damage Remediation Services.

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Flood Water Cleanup TX

Texas Flood Water CleanupThe hardest hit areas in Texas are still reeling from the devastating effects of record rainfall and flooding. The immediate dangers of rising flood waters have been replaced by the dangers of what may be lurking in the water. Sewage, hazardous chemicals, animal carcasses all carry Disease Causing Bacteria. Flood water cleanup must be approached with extreme caution. KRI is a trusted name in TX Water Damage Remediation Services.

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Sewage Remediation Texas

Sewage Cleanup TexasA Sewage Backup can be extremely messy and presents a Biohazard situation. Raw Sewage contains hazardous, disease carrying bacteria. The longer you wait for a sewage spill cleanup the more dangerous the situation can become. The presence of noxious sewer gases, fecal matter and dangerous bacteria creates a risk to human health. Proper handling of Biohazard Waste must be done by an OSHA Certified professional who is authorized by the State of Texas. Specially trained technicians at KRI have the equipment and knowledge to Completely Restore the Environment to safe conditions.

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