Peace of mind can come from the most unexpected places. A tragic accident or violent crime is likely to shake people to the core.

The process of cleaning up the blood and other contaminants just adds to the stress and anxiety of the situation. Not only is Blood Cleanup unpleasant and emotionally taxing it can also be very hazardous to your health.

The Texas Crime and Blood Cleanup Professionals at KRI are Certified to Clean Blood Spills safely and thoroughly.

We are often called in to provide professional assistance after Vehicle Crashes, Accidents or following a Murder or Suicide.

Certified to Clean Blood Spills

Just about any type of Body Fluid can potentially be infectious and cause harm to someone who has been exposed.

Crime Scene Professionals at KRI are trained and Certified to Clean Up Blood Spills. Our technicians have undergone specialized training in biohazard materials including blood.

They are more than qualified to handle a single or multi-victim scene where blood and body fluids have contaminated the area.

Experienced Crime Scene Cleaners

As an Experienced Crime Scene Cleaner will tell you, Blood can be found in the most unexpected places.

Its not only the blood that you can see at the scene of a Murder, Suicide or Accident, blood splatter and spray can seep into flooring, drywall, deteriorated caulking and furnishings. The smell can be nauseating for untrained individuals.

Vehicle Crashes can result in a significant amount of blood loss and vehicle contamination. A thorough cleaning and sanitizing with professional grade cleaning solutions are necessary for restoration.

Blood Contaminated Body Fluids

Blood is not the only potentially infectious material that may be present at a trauma scene. Other types of body fluids can also be tainted with blood and contain infectious bloodborne pathogens.

  • Blood
  • Vomit
  • Skull fragments
  • Feces
  • Human tissue
  • Urine
  • Blood tainted saliva
  • Semen
  • Vaginal Secretions

Texas Crime and Blood Cleanup Professionals

KRI for professional cleanup and restoration services following a blood spill from a trauma event.

We are Texas Crime and Blood Cleanup Professionals with a team of dedicated experts. Our technicians are Certified to Clean Blood Spills resulting from an Accident, Assault, Vehicle Crash, Suicide, Murder, Suicide or other. Don’t risk your safety by attempting to cleanup blood without the proper equipment, cleaning products, safety gear and training.

Leave it to the Certified Professionals at KRI.

In Texas, contact KRI for Certified Blood Cleanup Services at 1-888-382-2930.