There are only a certain group of people who can handle the difficult task of cleaning a crime scene. Often, they are individuals that have been trained in the healthcare industry and have seen and cared for patients with severe injury and pain, so the sight of blood and bodily fluids is not something that gives them pause. This is an extremely unique skillset and is essential to becoming one of KRI’s crime scene cleaning experts. Our company helps families in the Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana area with all aspects of crime scene cleanup so that you can focus on what is really important — helping your family heal after a traumatic event.

A cleanup expert must not only be able to handle a gruesome and bloody scene, but must also have the training and certifications necessary to effectively clean a crime scene area so that it can be restored back to safety. A crime scene crew will immediately contain the area, and must wear protective gear and use professional cleaning products that effectively decontaminate all biohazard risks to minimize the risk of infecting others with dangerous infection and disease. We can also dispose of all biohazard waste and unsalvageable property that is no longer safe for use. For the safety of everyone involved, these tasks should not be completed by friends, family or even those who clean households for a living.

The professional crime scene cleanup team at KRI can take the daunting task of cleanup after a crime or trauma off of your hands. Our cleanup services are affordable and often even covered by many insurance companies so there is no real financial burden on the family.

KRI is the leading Texas Crime Scene Company offering the following specialized services:

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need crime scene cleaning services of any kind, reach out to KRI for help. Our Texas crime scene location decontamination cleanup crew can respond immediately to your need – often on the very same day. Give our team a call anytime at 1-888-382-2930 for a complete crime scene cleaning consultation. The responsibilities after a crime or trauma are difficult and hard to handle, so while you focus on your loved ones, we will restore the affected area to safety so that you can begin to piece your lives back together.