Many might consider suicide, death and crime scene cleanup one of the most difficult and disturbing jobs in the country. Cleaning up blood, bodily fluids and remains after a trauma or crime is painstaking, tedious and emotionally taxing, but it is also essential to the healing process after a violent event. KRI offers professional cleanup services in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. We offer immediate, compassionate and respectful service and have years of experience with even the most difficult crime scene and death cleanup.

What Is Included In Death Clean up Houston TX?

KRI believes that no friend or family member should ever have to clean the remains of a loved one. To help families in the Texas and surrounding area, our clean up team offers the following professional services:

  • An OSHA certified clean up crew
  • Our team will restrict the area to limit further exposure to biohazardous material
  • A team that will be equipped with protective gear to prevent cross contamination
  • We will apply sanitization treatments (using professional grade cleaning agents) multiple times if necessary to ensure that all traces of blood and bodily fluids are eradicated.
  • Test and retest the area for safety
  • Properly dispose of all biohazardous materials
  • Provide you with a certificate of completion which ensures that the property is safe for future habitation

Crime Scene Clean up: Additional Considerations

Our team will take the daunting task of cleaning a Texas crime or trauma scene off your shoulders so that you and your family can process the event, support each other and make any necessary arrangements for your loved one. We respect that this is a difficult time and we will handle the cleanup with discretion, respect and compassion.

We also believe that money should not be the reason not to pursue a professional crime scene cleanup company. Very often, this type of work is actually covered by insurance plans and our customer service team can help you navigate this process and even explore other payment options if needed.

KRI Provides Homicide, Trauma and Suicide Clean up 24/7

KRI can provide this professional clean up service anytime, day or night. Our team is available 24/7/365 and can be reached in your time of need at 1-888-382-2930. We can provide you with a confidential crime scene cleanup assessment free of charge, so that you can have all the information you need to make this important decision.