Most people go through life never having to worry about the difficulty of cleaning a crime scene. And this is a great gift. However, the FBI reports that a violent crime occurs in our country about every 25-26 seconds. And, a suicide occurs approximately every 12 minutes. These statistics are alarming and the need for professional crime scene cleanup companies in our country is high. KRI is a leading crime scene cleanup company in Texas, Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina. specializing in violent crime cleanup, suicide cleanup, vehicle accident cleanup and cleaning other dangerous conditions.

You may wonder what exactly is involved in professional crime scene cleanup services. This is a question posed often to our team at KRI. Our answer usually is met with relief and even some appreciation. Here is an overview of our services:

  • Immediate response to a call needing our cleanup services. We take calls 24/7 and can usually respond on site on the same day. We serve residential areas, businesses and even public areas.
  • After the first responders have cleared the area and the cleanup team has been given the green light to begin work, we quickly contain the area so that others are not exposed to the biohazard risk of the scene.
  • We develop a plan for thorough cleanup, sanitation and decontamination so that the area can most quickly be restored to safety.
  • Our team uses the strongest cleaning agents (unavailable at retail stores) and always wears protective gear. We are able to effectively clean all blood and bodily fluids left behind after the crime or trauma.
  • We repeat the cleaning and sanitation process repeatedly until the area is safe for normal use.
  • KRI will dispose of all unsalvageable materials (furniture, carpet, etc.) as well as dispose of all biohazardous waste so that the risk of infection and disease transmission is minimized.
  • Provide you with a certification of completion/safe habitation document indicating that the affected area is restored to safety and can be used normally again.

KRI provides all of these services with compassion and respect, understanding that this has been an extremely difficult time for your family. Very often, insurance covers the cost of this type of cleanup which lessens the burden on the family. So, if you are in need of Southern US crime scene cleaning services, give our team a call anytime, 24/7 at 1-888-382-2930 and we will be ready to help!