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Professional Meth Lab Cleanup

Most people live in neighborhoods where they don’t know what the other person does for a living. Your neighbor has never invited you for dinner inside their house or anyone in the neighborhood has entered in that house ever. Then one day the police come and knock down the door and what you see inside is worrying a meth lab! Learn More.

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Southern Crime Scene Cleanup

Most people go through life never having to worry about the difficulty of cleaning a crime scene. And this is a great gift. However, the FBI reports that a violent crime occurs in our country about every 25-26 seconds. And, a suicide occurs approximately every 12 minutes. These statistics are alarming and the need for professional crime scene cleanup companies in our country is high. KRI is a leading crime scene cleanup company in the Southern US, specializing in violent crime cleanup, suicide cleanup, vehicle accident cleanup and cleaning other dangerous conditions.

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Texas Crime Scene Cleaning

There are only a certain group of people who can handle the difficult task of cleaning a crime scene. Often, they are individuals that have been trained in the healthcare industry and have seen and cared for patients with severe injury and pain, so the sight of blood and bodily fluids is not something that gives them pause. This is an extremely unique skillset and is essential to becoming one of KRI’s crime scene cleaning experts. Our company helps families in the Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana area with all aspects of crime scene cleanup so that you can focus on what is really important -- helping your family heal after a traumatic event.

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Bloodborne Pathogen Risks

Dealing with blood can be very dangerous. If blood spills on a surface, it is necessary that the right cleanup procedure is followed to prevent coming in contact with harmful bloodborne pathogens. Bloodborne pathogens are deadly, so, please take safety precautions during Blood Cleanup. Learn More.

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Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

There is a huge difference between keeping items of sentimental value and feeding an addiction that can harm your lifestyle and eventually your health. The faster you can identify a hoarding problem, the earlier you can call for a professional hoarding cleanup service. To learn how to recognize a hoarding disorder, please read on. Learn More.

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Cleaning up Blood from a Crime Scene

Americans are relying on professional services when they need to deal with hazardous tasks. Some of these tasks may contain environmentally hazardous aspects while others can be harmful for the mental and physical health of the people. Learn More.

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Meth Lab Cleanup by KRI

Unlawful meth labs are infamous for highly toxic substances. Generally, highly hazardous chemicals used in side these properties are accumulated on the walls, carpets and all the other surfaces posing a huge health risks. Learn More.

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Suicide Cleanup Dallas Fort Worth

Dallas Fort Worth Suicide Clean UpThere are few things more shocking than hearing that a loved one took their own life. Most often, the depth of the pain they were feeling is not fully understood until it is too late. A suicide leaves many lives turned upside down and the area that the suicide took place can be an extremely painful reminder of the event. Suicide cleanup is a very important part of the healing process and should always be handled by a professional OSHA certified cleanup crew. KSI provides this sensitive and difficult service for loved ones living in the Dallas Fort-Worth and Houston, TX area, responding to requests for suicide cleanup 24/7, so that you can focus on starting to put your life back together.Learn More

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Oklahoma Trauma Cleanup

Oklahoma Trauma CleanupIf you are lucky enough not to have had an immediate need for a crime scene cleanup company, you may not be aware of all of the services that a professional cleanup can provide for you and your family in your time of need. In addition to crime scene clean up, suicide cleaning, and unattended death cleanup, KRI Crime Scene Cleanup also specializes in vehicle blood cleanup, drug operation cleanup, and even hoarding cleanup in the Oklahoma area. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to your specific needs and our team will respond to your request immediately so that you can begin to move forward.Learn More

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Louisiana Certified Crime Scene Cleaners

Louisiana Crime CleanupA violent crime occurs in our country about every 25 seconds. And, a suicide occurs about once every 13 minutes. These statistics are a little startling and show that many crime scenes need to be cleaned in our country every single day. Crime scene cleanup is not something that you need to think about on a daily basis, but when you or a loved one is a victim, it is a service that you will need quickly.

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