Houston Unnattended Death CleanupKRI provides cleaning services for Unattended Death and Decomposition. We are a highly respected company that utilizes Professional Grade Cleaners to remove all physical traces of death from the scene. Our technicians are always in compliance with Houston, Texas regulations for Cleanup of an Unattended Death. The process involved much more than simply removing the body. KRI’s Licensed Technicians are here to decontaminate, deodorize and disinfect after the police and coroner have finished with the scene.

Cleanup the Scene of an Unattended Death

Unattended Death Cleanup is one of the most common services provided by Licensed Experts at KRI. The sad truth is that there are many instances where an individual has passed away and it takes a while before the body to be discovered. The Decomposition Process of a dead body begins very quickly in the heat of Houston Texas. Bodies begin to virtually melt into the surrounding materials such as carpets, furniture, drywall and floorboards.

Professional Grade Cleaners

Human body tissue, blood and body fluids are classified as Biohazard Materials. Careful consideration must be given to the death cleanup process and OSHA Regulations. Professional Grade Cleaners must be utilized to effectively remove Potentially Infectious Materials involved in a death.

Not all Biohazard Materials are easy to spot. Blood and Bodily Fluids can soak into and contaminate all items that come into contact. Precise protocols must be followed to safely remove and dispose of all Potentially Hazardous Materials.

Odor Removal Following Undiscovered Death

The strong, undeniable odor of death is difficult to disguise. The smell of death comes from the presence of Bacteria. KRI technicians offer Permanent Odor Removal Services in these situations. We use professional grade chemicals, equipment and air sanitizers to restore the property to a safe environment.

Certified for Cleanup of Unattended Death

KRI provides the most professional and comprehensive Cleanup after an Unattended Death in Houston, TX. We are OSHA Certified for Cleaning and Disposal of Biohazard Materials including those associated with a death scene. Our skilled technicians utilize Professional Grade Cleaners and Equipment for thorough restoration of the property. Safe handling and disposal protocols are strictly followed to ensure our safety and that of the public. An undiscovered death scene can require extensive cleanup to remove Strong Odors, Blood, Body Fluids and Contaminated Materials from the area.

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