Crime Scene Cleaning ArkansasThere are many types of crimes, each with their own unique set of circumstances. Each have several things in common — there is an offender, a victim, a crime scene of some sort and the need for police and/or emergency personnel. And, when there is a crime scene, there is always the need for a professional cleanup crew to eradicate the biohazard risk and restore the affected area to safety. This is needed regardless of the type of crime or the number of victims. KRI’s crime scene cleanup services include first-degree murder, suicide and other death cleanup in Arkansas, vehicle cleanup (DWI, drunk driving incidents), and cleanup of a space previously used as a meth lab. Our crew is the leading Arkansas Crime Cleanup company in the area and we are ready to jump in to help you when you need it.

Cleaning Crime Scenes In AR

A crime scene, no matter what the type, is a biohazard risk. What does that mean? That means that the blood, remains and other bodily fluids left behind after a trauma or crime are actually potentially dangerous to others who might come into contact with them. Bloodborne pathogens are microscopic organisms that can spread disease and infection if you are not protected. Our crime scene cleanup crew will eliminate all traces of the hazardous materials and dispose of them properly so that you and your loved ones can move on and resume normal activity sooner rather than later. This can be an extensive process involving multiple attempts at decontamination before safety is restored.

KRI Can Handles All Types of Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs

KRI handles blood cleanup in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. No job is too small, or too large for our experienced and trained biohazard cleanup team. We handle the cleanup for a wide range of crimes and treat each case with compassion and discretion. The circumstances of the crime that is impacting your family is not for our team to share. We respect that and will not share any details about the crime scene with others.

KRI believes that no one should have to clean the remains of a loved one after any type of crime. Cleaning a crime scene yourself will only cause further unnecessary pain. Let our team come in and help assess, sanitize, decontaminate and dispose of all hazardous materials so that you and your family can move forward with confidence knowing that the area is safe and all traces of the crime are gone. Give us a call at 1-888-382-2930 and let us help!