Crime Scene Cleaners OklahomaThe process of Cleaning Up After a Crime is one that nobody wants to do. There are both physical and emotional aspects that are very difficult for anyone who is close to the traumatic event. Violent Crime Cleaning requires a scientific approach to safely sanitize and restore the scene to a safe environment. Specially trained technicians at KRI are EPA and OSHA Certified for death and crime scene cleanup in the state of Oklahoma. We enter the crime scene after the investigators have completed their work at the scene. The utmost discretion and respect is always recognized when completing this type of work.

Cleaning Up After a Crime

Each crime scene has the potential to be dangerous. Cleaning up after a violent crime is not for the feint of heart. Walking into the scene of a tragic event can have visual aspects that make the nature of the crime very apparent. Death Cleanup Technicians at KRI take comfort in knowing that they are providing a service to help the survivors move forward. By removing all traces of blood and violence from the premises we can help loved ones to heal.

Infectious Hazard Cleanup Guidelines

After a Violent Crime has taken place, precautions must be taken when Blood, Tissue or Bodily Fluids are present. The scene must be decontaminated following federal guidelines since Blood has been Classified as a Biohazard. Protective equipment should be worn and recommended Cleaning Agents utilized for thorough sanitization of the scene.

Health Effects Associated with Violent Crime Cleaning

Blood, Human Tissue, Animal Tissue and Bodily Fluids have been classified as Biohazard Materials. Exposure to biologically infectious materials can result in Serious Health Effects. The following diseases can be transmitted from bodily fluids including blood that may be present during a death cleanup:

  • HIV and AIDS
  • Flu
  • TB
  • Hepatitis type A and B
  • Salmonella
  • Cholera

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup

Contact the Oklahoma professional crime scene cleanup technicians at KRI if you are in need of experts for cleaning up after a crime. Our team has the training and equipment for discreet and efficient Death Cleanup. We are Certified and strictly follow federal guidelines for Violent Crime Cleanup Services and removal of Infectious Hazards. Failure to follow protocol for blood removal can result in serious health effects. This type of job should be handled by trained Biohazard Remediation Professionals.

If you are in Oklahome, contact KRI at 1-888-382-2930, [email protected] or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.