Crime Scene Cleaning ArkansasWhen you watch the local, national or 24 hour news channels it could be easy to get caught up in fear of the high crime rates in Arkansas and across the country. Thankfully, violent crimes do not typically take place all around us. When tragedy strikes its good to know that a professional company like KRI is Certified in Crime Scene Restoration. We provide Crime Scene Cleaning in the state’s largest cities and all across the state. The KRI team is highly trained and qualified Arkansas Crime Cleaning Professionals that are dedicated to helping victims and their families to recover from the visual and biohazard reminders of a trauma.

Certified Crime Scene Restoration

When you are dealing with technicians from KRI you are dealing with Experienced Arkansas Crime Cleaning Professionals that carry multiple certifications. We take the safety of the public and our technicians very seriously, thus provide hours of training to ensure that all safety precautions are followed. Crime cleaning may involve a wide range of hazardous or infectious materials that require the skills of a knowledgeable professional.

KRI holds the following Qualifications:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certification
  • OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response Supervisor
  • 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER Certified
  • EPA Certified Asbestos Certificate
  • ASCR Mold Remediation Supervisor
  • DEC Licensed Medical Waste Hauler

Mitigating the Emotional Impact of Crime

One of the most difficult aspects of Crime Clean Up relates to the emotional impact of the work. All KRI technicians have undergone training on dealing with grieving families in the most compassionate and respectful manner. We understand the level of grief that can come from a trauma such as this and want to do everything in our power to minimize the emotional impact that you feel. By removing all visible traces of the crime and restoring the scene to safety we are able to be apart of the healing process.

Arkansas Crime Cleaning Professionals

Contact the Arkansas Crime Cleaning Professionals at KRI if your family or business has been impacted by a crime. Our team of Certified Crime Scene Restoration Professionals are available any time day or night. We specialize in crime scene cleaning with our team of Certified Crime Scene Restoration Experts. Businesses, residential clients, commercial properties and public buildings have all received prompt and professional services from KRI’s compassionate and discreet technicians.

If you are in Arkansas, contact KRI at 1-888-382-2930, or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.