Residential Homicide Cleaning Crew TXFor most people, the thought of having to deal with a homicide only occurs in nightmares. Unfortunately, there are murders that occur every day in our country, and Texas is no exception. Have you ever thought about what happens to the crime scene once the police and investigators have collected all of the evidence? Well, someone has to clean up the aftermath, and it should not be an immediate family member. The individuals that are directly related to the individual who was murdered should not be the one’s dealing with the crime scene cleaning. Instead, team up with KRI Crime Scene Clean Up, a professional cleaning provider that specializes in homicide cleanup. No matter what time of day, our dedicated staff can handle the messy work so that you and your family can focus on recovering from the devastating event.

Homicide Cleaning Crew

  • Residential Cleanup – Our staff has the ability to come in your place of residence and perform a full services cleaning to bring your home back to its prior state before the crime occurred.
  • Commercial Cleanup – Sometimes homicides occur in a commercial property. We have plenty of experience dealing with homicide cleanup in the corporate setting as well.
  • Restore Environment – Our multi-step sanitizing process helps restore your environment with minimal interruptions. We can work around your schedule to ensure that the cleaning does not provide any additional stress.
  • Confidentiality – Our licensed and certified staff have been fully trained to ensure that no conversations, pictures, or information are disclosed to the public.
  • Removal – Blood, bodily fluids, and murder go hand in hand. It is important that you let our professional staff remove and sanitize the entire area so that there is no risk of bacteria or disease. When we say sanitize, it is nothing like sanitizing your home after your house has gotten dirty. We provide multiple rounds of sanitation treatments to make sure that anything harmful is removed from the affected area.
  • Proof of Completion – We stand by our cleaning services every step of the way, which is why we provide all our customers with a certificate of completion and safe habitation document.

If you are currently dealing with the devastating news of a homicide occurring in your home or commercial property, we can not imagine the stress and heartache you are dealing with. Let us take the burden of cleaning off of your plate. If you live in Texas, give KRI Crime Scene Clean Up a call today at 1-888-382-2930 to learn more about our homicide cleanup services.