Dallas Crime Scene CleaningRestoring an area to safety in the aftermath of a crime is a complex and tedious task that is best left to crime scene cleanup experts. Before you have a need for this service, you may not have even realized that it existed. Crime scene cleaning experts are trained and certified to clean, sanitize, disinfect and dispose of all biohazardous materials like blood, bodily fluids and human remains without risking cross-contamination and transmission of dangerous infection and diseases to others. KRI is a Dallas, Texas crime scene cleanup company that specializes in all aspects of cleaning up a biohazardous situation.

Wide Range of Professional Biohazard and Cleanup Services Offered by KRI:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup and Restoration
  • Suicide Cleanup
  • Unattended Death Cleanup
  • Blood Cleanup and Removal
  • Cleaning the interior of a vehicle after an accident
  • Bio-hazard removal and disposal
  • Decomposing odor removal
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Ebola Virus Decontamination
  • Tear Gas Cleanup
  • Meth Lab Cleanup
  • Water, Sewage & Flood Remediation

Crime Scene Restoration Process

One of the most common reasons the KRI team is called is for crime scene restoration. The first step in this process involves containing the area so that individuals cannot walk in and out of the area and inadvertently spread the potentially dangerous materials. Once the area has been contained, our trained and experienced cleanup technicians get to work. We use powerful, professional grade cleaning agents and equipment that are able to eliminate all traces of blood and bodily fluids and leave the area sanitized and decontaminated. Often, we will leave an area even cleaner than before the event. Our team will also handle all removal of unsalvageable items as well as the disposal of the biohazardous materials at the scene.

Cleaning a crime scene should never be handled by friends or family of the victim. In addition to the dangers involved, it is simply too emotionally difficult to be the one cleaning up the blood and bodily fluids of a loved one. It is a constant reminder of the pain and suffering your loved one endured.

KRI Provides Compassionate, Respectful and Affordable Service

KRI’s crime scene cleanup team also understands that this is an extremely difficult and painful time for you and your family and we bring compassion, respect and sensitivity to every crime scene cleanup job that we handle. Our crew has been cleaning up Dallas crime scenes for more than a decade. If you are concerned about the cost, our team can help you investigate whether it might be covered by insurance. Give KRI a call at 1-888-382-2930 with any of your questions so that we can help.