Blood and Body Fluid TXThere is a reason why parents tell their children as they grow up to never touch blood or other bodily fluids that they may come in contact with. That reason is because they can be very dangerous to your health. Coming in direct contact with blood or other bodily fluids can be the reason that you contract powerful and sometimes deadly diseases. So, if you or someone you know were recently involved in an accident in Texas, it is important to partner with a professional cleanup team so that the blood and bodily fluids are sanitized correctly. KRI Crime Scene Clean Up is just the partner you need for all of your cleanup needs. Let us handle the mess while you focus on yourself as we are sure this is a stressful time.

The Blood and Body Fluid Cleanup Team

KRI is not your standard cleanup team. We specialize in providing biohazard and bodily fluid cleanup services for the state of Texas. With experience in dealing with crime scenes, accidents, and even murders, we know exactly how to handle these hazardous areas with confidentiality and quickness. Customer service is a high priority for our staff, which is why we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, every day of the year! So, no matter what time of day you need service, we can get a team out there for you. Our staff have gone through intense training, are licensed, and have obtained multiple certifications. We take your health seriously no matter how big or small the mess is.

Blood Clen UpCleanup Process

  • Removal – Our biohazard cleanup professionals will come in to the affected area and remove any materials covered with blood or bodily fluid. Blood can get in the tiniest areas. We will make sure that no remnants are left behind.
  • Decontaminate – Once the affected items have been removed, the professionals will sanitize the entire location multiple times to make sure it is left squeaky clean! A final review will be done to make sure that the area is safe for you to return.
  • Provide Certificate of Completion – We provide our customers with a safe habitation document at the end of our cleaning process as proof that the location has gone through the proper safety procedures for you to return.

So, if you live in Texas and are in need of professional cleanup services to remove any blood or bodily fluids from a location, do not clean this up on your own! Instead, give KRI Crime Scene Clean Up a call today at 888-382-2930.