Odor Removal ServicesEven the word “Suicide” can cause an emotional response. This is a situation that nobody wants to deal with on a personal level. It is important to seek professional help to Cleanup the Scene of a Suicide. There are biohazard concerns around most suicide scenes, both visible and nonvisible to the eye. KRI is specially trained to handle the cleaning, sanitizing and decontamination of the entire scene. Contact with blood or other body fluids can be very harmful to your health. KRI is a team of OSHA Certified Cleanup Professionals that service the Houston, TX area.

Cleanup Scene Of Suicide

A suicide is a traumatic event for all involved. During this trying time emotions can be raw. It is not a time that you are thinking of all of the health hazards involved at the Cleanup Scene of Suicide. A significant amount of blood and other body fluids may be present. If the event occurred long before discovery there can be toxins, bacteria and odors that must be dealt with by a professional with proper equipment.


We must thoroughly decontaminate and sanitize any area that has been in contact with biohazard materials. The suicide scene may include a home, vehicle, private business or public area. Whatever the suicide location holds, the specialized team at KRI is trained to handle the situation tactfully and safely. We can provide permanent solutions to remove health risks associated with the unfortunate event.


Confidential Suicide Cleanup Services


The highly trained and experienced team at KRI is very discreet and respectful of the situation. We understand that this is a very private event and always keep your information confidential. We strive to remove all traces of the painful event so that you can get your life back as quickly as possible.


OSHA Certified Cleanup Professionals


KRI is made up of highly trained OSHA Certified Cleanup Professionals. We provide licensed and insured services in the Houston, TX community. Our team understands how difficult it can be for loved ones to deal with the Cleanup Scene of Suicide. We utilize compassion and care while professionally handling biohazard remediation of the scene.


If you are around the Houston, TX area, contact KRI at 1-888-382-2930, [email protected] or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.