Meth Lab Cleanup Services TXHazardous Meth Labs could be found almost anywhere in San Antonio, TX or the surrounding Texas areas. They have been known to exist inside of houses, apartments, sheds, garages, businesses and even vehicles. A Drug Cooking location poses significant risks for health and safety of anyone in the vicinity. A Specialized Methamphetamine Cleanup Service Provider such as KRI, is needed to safely decontaminate and remove toxic chemicals. We utilize drug lab contamination testing to determine the level of contamination prior to professional cleanup services.

Meth Lab Contamination Testing

A suspected meth lab can leave behind both obvious and hidden dangers. It is very important that you call a Specialized Methamphetamine Cleanup Service Provider prior to contact with the affected area. KRI provides professional meth lab testing before and after cleanup services. Our highly trained technicians can test all areas in and around the property. Contaminated areas may include carpeting, cabinets, furniture, HVAC systems, walls and soil outside and possibly the well or septic system. All areas must be tested for toxic chemicals.

Drug Lab Decontamination

The Specialized Meth Lab Cleanup Team at KRI utilizes hazmat suits and protective gear when providing drug lab decontamination services in San Antonio, TX. We follow safety guidelines and procedures that ensure the safety of all involved. Meth lab chemicals can emit harmful molecules for months or years after the drug cooking operation has ended.

Health Problems From Methamphetamine Residue

Exposure to chemical waste left behind after a Methamphetamine drug cooking operation can cause several health problems. Toxic Meth Lab Chemicals can be breathed in, absorbed through the skin or ingested resulting devastating health problems.

  • Respiratory Problems
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Skin Irritation
  • Nausea
  • Liver Damage
  • Kidney Damage
  • Cancer Risk
  • Chemical Poisoning
  • Neurological Issues

 Certified Meth Lab Remediation Contractor

Contact KRI if you suspect that a former Methamphetamine Lab is located near your San Antonio, TX home. We provide Meth Lab Contamination Testing as well as professional cleanup services. Our highly trained technicians utilize safety hazmat suits and special equipment for safe Decontamination and Removal of Toxic Chemicals. Exposure to toxic meth lab chemicals can result in devastating health problems including an increased risk of cancer.

If you are around the San Antonio, TX area, contact KRI at 1-888-382-2930, or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.