Crime Scene Cleanup TXCrimes resulting in blood, trauma and even death are hard to handle. Not just for the loved one’s of the victim but anyone that has to see or deal with the scene. If you’re not the one who’s personally affected or owns the property you can just walk away…but it isn’t that easy for the ones left responsible. First responders, police officers, investigators and witnesses will leave and the room, home or entire property will not be cleaned, it is usually quite the opposite as the investigators retrace steps to find the hypotheses and evidence. If you’re in Texas and find yourself in this ill-fated situation KRI can provide you with professional crime scene cleanup services – whether you’re in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, Amarillo or anywhere in-between – we provide our cleanup services to the entire state of Texas.

Death Scene Cleanup Services TX

The results of a murder, suicide or unattended death are hard enough to handle, don’t take on any more unnecessary stress or strain. Many times, insurance will help pay for our professional crime scene cleanup services because it is the right way to go if you’ve had any type of tragedy occur at a property you’re responsible for. KRI will do everything in our power to help you and your family after the death of a loved one. Crime scenes often times have blood, bodily fluids or other hazardous remains, it is best that the area(s) where the crime took place is disinfected, so that it can return to a safe state.

Murder or Homicide Cleanup

Murder is a horrible crime, which leaves families, loved ones and even the victims cheated; out of so much. It is often unforeseen, sudden and permanent. What’s needed after a crime is healing, gathered loved ones and support. KRI offers you support in the only way we know how, the reason why we are so dedicated to our career; we can cleanup what remains of the tragic scene. Something you shouldn’t have to do.

Suicide Cleanup

Suicides are heartbreaking and leave many with unresolved questions. Don’t expose yourself in this hard time to a possibly dangerous environment – both physically and mentally. KRI will decontaminate the area and return it to a safe environment. The answers you seek will not be shed by cleaning what remains of the location you lost someone, what you need is healing and time, we can handle the rest.

Unattended Death

The state of decomposition is dangerous and often times leaves a strong odor. The scene of an unattended death can contain blood, bodily fluids, urine, tissue and feces – all which come with health risks if someone has direct contract with a surface that hasn’t been properly decontaminated. Our professional biohazard team can successfully remove what needs to be, restore what can be and ensure the odor is completely eliminated, as well as any possible pathogens, germs or any other biohazards that are not visible to the naked eye.

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup 24/7/365

Our OSHA certified team at KRI can help you restore the environment, no matter how big or small. Guarantee the health and safety of everyone and hire trained professionals to clean up the scene of a death. Contact KRI for a confidential consultation if you’re in need or our Crime Scene Cleanup services at any time – [email protected], call 1-888-382-2930 or fill out our online form.