Crime Scene Decontamination Houston TXHouston, TX has been reported as one of the top 100 dangerous cities in the US. If you have suffered from a violent act around the area – KRI can help you restore the home, business or any other property in which the crime took place. Unfortunately, Houston, TX has one of the highest violent crime ratings in the nation, which includes homicide (murder), manslaughter, assault and rape. Though this may be true, many live in Houston, TX and love their hometown. Our crime scene cleanup services can help you heal by removing the painful memories of violence and move forward by restoring safety back to the property you own, work or live in.

Scene Decontamination TX

Maybe it’s the high population, maybe it’s the notorious saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas”. Though the state of Texas may not have an alarming crime rate – Houston, TX crime rate is noticeably bigger… If this hits too close to home and you’ve experienced grief, there is no reason for you to extend the torture and clean up the crime scene yourself – KRI can safely decontaminate the location and ensure the risks of bloodborne pathogens, infections, and diseases aren’t spread to the people in the area.

Trauma Cleaning Services

Crimes scenes usually involve some sort of trauma. Violently induced trauma can leave a location in a horrible condition, with blood, bodily fluid and visible evidence of struggle. It is important that after the police, investigators and emergency response team leaves the area be sanitized. Our crime scene cleanup technicians are OSHA Certified and experienced in the successful restoration of any type of location where a crime took place.

Insurance Accepted Crime Scene Cleanup

Don’t clean up the scene just because you don’t think you can afford a professional cleanup company to do so. Many insurance companies cover professional crime scene cleanup services and if yours doesn’t, we can work with you and arrange payment arrangements that fit into your budget. The safety of you and everyone that will enter the area is at risk when not using the correct cleanup chemicals and protocol. The safety risks are invisible to the naked eye, therefore trained cleanup technicians can guarantee the welfare but testing the area when cleanup is finished and handing out a certification of completion.

Don’t put yourself through cleaning up a crime scene, our services are more affordable than you may think.

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