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Crime Scene Cleanup Texas

Crime Scene Cleanup TXCrimes resulting in blood, trauma and even death are hard to handle. Not just for the loved one’s of the victim but anyone that has to see or deal with the scene. If you’re not the one who’s personally affected or owns the property you can just walk away…but it isn’t that easy for the ones left responsible. If you're in Texas and find yourself in this ill-fated situation KRI can provide you with professional crime scene cleanup services.

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Hoarding and Clutter Cleanup Texas

Hoarding Cleanup ServiceAre you in Texas and looking for Professional Hoarding Cleanup Help? If you don’t know who to turn but want someone who will respect you and your belongings, while also helping you sort through your home - for a fresh start – we are here; KRI is a cleanup company you can trust. We'll help you categorize any collections that may be making your home or other property dangerous. The fact is, that an alarming amount of deaths are associated with hoarding and we are determined to lower that number and keep you, your family and pets safe.

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Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to KRI’s Blog Page! Here we will disclose important information about the need for Certified Biohazard Cleanup Professionals and the many circumstances we face, while also keeping the specifics of our cleanup services provided to clients confidential. Frequent this page if you would like to learn more about our services, techniques and interesting facts […]

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Blood Cleaners

The days after a homicide are difficult for so many reasons. The shock of the incident wears off and you are left to grapple with the knowledge that your loved one died at the hand of a violent act. The police have the difficult task of piecing together the clues to find the person responsible […]

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