Tear Gas Removal TXThere will be times within the confounds of a prison that inmates get angry and cause commotion. There occasionally could even be inmate riots. The majority of the time, prison guards can handle and constrain inmates, but there are times that extra steps may may be needed. One protective option that guards may use on inmates is tear gas. Although this may be a short term solution to regaining the power within a prison, it can be a mess to cleanup. If not managed properly, the tear gas remnants can become a health hazard to all parties involved. If you work for a jail in Texas that recently had to use tear gas, it is important that you give KRI a quick call so that our professionals can get the correctional facility back to a healthy state by remediating tear gas residue.

Professional Tear Gas Removal

Tear gas leaves any location uninhabitable. In less than a minute, tear gas can cause so much pain to an individual that they become debilitated. The remnants from a tear gas spray linger for long periods of time and can even creep into the HVAC system of your prison if not addressed quickly. By choosing KRI, you will get a dedicated team of jail cell cleaning experts that can remove tear gas completely from the facility. Our OSHA certified team will remove any affected items that cannot be restored as well as use air purifiers to clean the air that is being cycled through the jail. The overall goal for our staff is to bring the prison back to a healthy state so that inmates, guards and other individuals are not harmed by the tear gas.

Health Issues Caused by Tear Gas Contact

  • Periodic Loss of Motor Function – Tear gas packs so much punch that it can cause you to lose motor control temporarily.
  • Breathing Issues – Inhalation of tear gas fumes can cause extreme stress to your respiratory system.
  • Skin Issues – Contact with tear gas can also cause skin reactions over time.
  • Discomfort to Eyes, Nose and Mouth – Tear gas can also cause pain and irritation to important parts of the body.
  • Worst Case Scenario/Death – In very few cases, exposure to tear gas has caused death.

If you work for a prison in TX that needs tear gas residue removal, KRI is just the partner for you. Leaving your correctional facility with tear gas can pose a risk to inmates and workers alike. Give us a call 24/7 at 1-888-382-2930 to set up a quote in regards to your tear gas removal needs.