Hoarding Cleanup Service TexasDo you know a friend or relative that collects items and never throws them away? A person with this habit is typically called a hoarder. Often times, individuals begin collecting items to save and store, but then start to collect way too many items. This can cause a very dangerous environment for someone to live in. Whether it is food, trash, toys, books, animals, or any other item, excessive collecting can cause damage to your health. Cleaning up a location that has been overcome by a hoarder should not be taken lightly. If you are in Texas, it is important that you leave hoarding cleanup to the professionals! Team up with KRI for all of your Texas hoarding and clutter cleaning needs.

Hazards of Hoarding

  • Dangerous Air – Hoarding can cause the indoor air of a home to become polluted, increasing your risk of becoming sick.
  • Fire Hazard – Your home becomes much more of a fire hazard with all of the hoarded items lying around. A small fire could turn into a large house fire just because of all of the items within the property.
  • Mold/Mildew Issues – Typically, cleaning is not a priority with hoarders. Non-movement and moisture from items can cause mold and mildew issues which can negatively affect your health.
  • Injuries – You are at a much higher risk of tripping or falling if your home has an overabundance of items throughout.
  • Structural Damage – You may not realize how much weight is being added to the structure of your home due to all of the items collected. If not cleaned up, permanent structural damage could be done to your house.
  • Biohazards – Simply put, anytime you are dealing with biohazards, it is extremely dangerous, and needs to be cleaned up immediately.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup Treatment

By teaming up with KRI, you will receive a professional cleanup treatment from our experienced staff. They will not just throw away all of your items. Our staff will help you sort through all of the items and help you decide what items can be kept, and which one’s should be thrown away. You will deal with a specialized cleanup team that is respectful and kind. Additionally, they will be very discreet in regards to the cleanup.

If you are in need of hoarding cleanup services in Texas, look no further than KRI. Give our dedicated staff a call today at 1-888-382-2930 to set up a confidential consultation.