Hoarding Help LouisianaThe cost of hoarding cleanup cannot be calculated in dollars and cents only. There is an emotional toll that goes along with the disorder that leads to compulsive hoarding. Conditions can be so deteriorated that the home has become uninhabitable as is. At KRI we have extensive training in the best and safest way to handle Restoring Homes in Louisiana that contain a hoarding problem. We treat each resident with respect and caring while facilitating a Fresh Start for all involved. Our discreet services include techniques to thoroughly Decontaminate Locations in need.

Specialized Hoarding Cleanup Team

Expertise in Louisiana Hoarding Cleanup involves the identifying dangers that may accompany all of the clutter and personal belongings. A person who is living inside of the dwelling may have become blinded to such dangers at be at risk for injury or illness.

Hoarding Dangers:

  • Air Pollution from dust, mold, animal feces
  • Tripping Hazards with piles of clutter and collectibles
  • Structural Collapse from property neglect and weight of objects
  • Health Hazards with the inability to see hidden dangers like sharp objects
  • Fire Danger due to excessive clutter blocking fire exits and flammable contents in the home
  • Toxic Mold hidden behind clutter and debris
  • Biohazards including body fluids and animal waste
  • Emotional Distress that can go along with a compulsive hoarding disorder

Compassionate Hoarding Remediation Specialists

The Compassionate Hoarding Remediation Specialists at KRI are skilled in the removal, cleanup and decontamination of locations. We provide our team with all of the proper equipment and protective gear for achieving successful results. Care is given to make sure that valuables and sentimental items are protected during the cleanup process.

Fresh Start

Each hoarding situation is unique but the one constant is the need for a Fresh Start. There is life after cleanup of a hoarding mess. At KRI, we provide professional services to physically Decontaminate and Sanitize locations. Our services are very discreet. We can help you to de-clutter and organize to be well on your way to a Fresh Start.

Hoarding Cleanup for Restoring Homes

Louisiana area residents in need of Hoarding Cleanup can contact KRI. We provide discreet and Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup Services. Costs can vary depending on the size, scope and location of the property. KRI has a team of specially trained technicians who can professionally Declutter, Sanitize and Decontaminate locations affected by hoarding. We can help to give you or a loved one a Fresh Start.

If you are around the Louisiana area, contact KRI at 1-888-382-2930, [email protected] or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.