Meth Lab Cleanup Services in ArkansasYou would be surprised by how many times our team is contacted about helping cleanup a residence or commercial property that has been previously used as a drug lab. It is more and more common and one thing that many people do not realize is how critical professional cleanup is to restoring the area to safety. After a drug bust of any kind, the authorities clear out with the evidence they need and the entire property must be decontaminated before others begin using or living in the property. KRI’s team of Arkansas drug bust cleaners can come into any situation after a drug bust and fully restore the area so that it is safe even for the elderly and children.

Drug Lab Decontamination

Law enforcement makes all kinds of drug busts each and every day. Methamphetamine labs are probably the most common right now, but they also make marijuana, cocaine, and heroin busts routinely. KRI specializes in testing, decontaminating, drug bust cleanup and drug manufacturing location cleanup in the Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma areas.

The dangers of inhabiting a property that has previously been used for drug manufacturing are real. The hazards include:

  • Migraines and other headaches
  • Respiratory issues
  • Rashes and skin irritations
  • Heightened risk of fire and even explosions
  • These conditions can lead to serious health problems or even death
  • These risks are not confined to the physical property–but also can affect the soil, HVAC, and septic system

The first thing that our cleanup team will do is test the area before any cleanup methods are attempted. Once we determine the level of contamination, we will come up with a decontamination plan. We will treat the entire property if needed, including the HVAC, carpeting, and drywall. Before our cleanup job is complete, will will conduct one last safety test so that you can be confident that the property is safe for you to live or work.

Experts In Residential and Commercial Drug Bust Cleanup Specialists

KRI has been in the professional cleanup business for more than a decade and have developed a strong reputation for strong customer service, respectful and discreet work. If you are concerned that your house, apartment, or commercial property has been the site of drug manufacturing or a drug bust, you are better off safe than sorry. Give the team at KRI a call at 1-888-382-2930 for an assessment so that you can be sure!