Arkansas Unattended Death CleanersLosing a loved one in any circumstance is very difficult. But, when a family member, friend or neighbor dies alone and is not found for a few days (or even weeks) the sadness is compounded by the knowledge that their last moments were alone. You may even feel guilt and wonder if they could have been saved somehow had they not been alone in those final moments. The last thing you should have to worry about as you process this significant loss is how to manage the death cleanup. Unattended death scene cleanup is complicated and sometimes gruesome, and should not be completed by a friend or family member. If you live in the Arkansas KRI Crime Scene Cleanup can lift this difficult burden off your shoulders.

What Is Involved In Unattended Death Cleanup?

Unattended death can be the result of many different scenarios including an unexpected health event (heart attack, stroke), suicide, or even when a person dies from natural causes. In some cases, police and medical personnel conduct an investigation to determine cause of death before the body can be removed from the scene. As you might imagine, these delays can cause significant decomposition, odor and even damage to the area.

The blood and body fluid cleanup professionals at KRI know how to handle unattended death scene cleanup, suicide cleaning and other crime and trauma cleaning. Our team is experienced, trained and certified to clean up the location of death and restore it to a safe state. This involves an involved process of cleaning, sanitation and decontamination using professional grade cleaning agents and protective gear for the entire team. Our crew understands the complexities of managing a biohazardous area and can handle all of the waste disposal as well, including any items in the area that were unable to be salvaged.

What To Do If You Discover An Unattended Death in Arkansas?

No one wants to think about finding a friend or loved one after they have died, but if the unthinkable happens, it is helpful to know what you might do. Calling EMT is always a great first step, so that you and your family can find some closure about the cause of death. The next step is to make a plan to clean the scene, as a first step in the recovery process. KRI Crime Scene Cleanup is available and willing to take this on anytime, day or night, all you have to do is call 1-888-382-2930. Our crew is compassionate, respectful and discreet, so you can trust us with this most important task.