Crime Scene Cleanup Waco, TexasCrime scenes are the result of horrible, heinous acts. To say the least, they’re unnerving sights. And they’re even worse when the victim was a friend or loved one and the people dearest to them are responsible for cleaning up the remains. KRI believes that no one rattled by a despicable incident should be obligated to clean up the remains. Or, for that matter, that any kind of bio-hazardous environment including blood, bodily fluids or the deceased, should be handled by anyone other than a skilled professional. Ghastly risks can come with cleaning up crime scenes. That’s why we offer our Professional Crime Scene Cleaning services to Waco residents and business owners.

Crime Scene Cleanup Service Waco

We want to help you get your life back to as normal as possible, as soon as possible. We do that by offering timely responses and thorough cleanup, sanitation and disinfection of crime scenes. The sooner an area is sanitized, the sooner and easier it can be to try and return to the life still afforded to you. Pestilence can spread quickly when people tamper with, or get too close to, the scene. Any kind of commotion to the scene can enhance the possibility of health risks. Also, removing a terrible scene can help ease the reminders of the trauma experienced. Our professional bio-hazard cleanup crew will expunge any hazardous conditions and return your home or building back to a safe and sterile environment for everyone.

Insurance Covered Cleaning Services

The appalling truth is that loved ones are usually on the hook when it comes to handling the results of a sudden death, whether it was a homicide, suicide or accident – KRI believes that people shouldn’t have to clean up the remains of their beloved lost family members or friends. The deplorable act has already been perpetrated; please don’t relive it by trying to scrub the stains from your home or another location. And cleaning the scene yourself will only cause further agony. If expense is an issue, we should make people aware that insurance generally covers much of the costs of our cleanup services, and in rare cases where there is no insurance, we will work with you to set up payment arrangements that are reasonable for your situation.

Crime Scene Cleanup Scenarios:

  • Burglaries
  • Assault
  • Vandalism
  • Shooting
  • Forensic Work
  • Homicide (Murder)
  • Suicide
  • Drug Operations
  • Accidents

Important Crime Scene Cleanup Steps:

  • Always Equip Anyone in the Hazardous Area with Protective Gear
  • Restrict Access of the Area
  • Dispose of Unsalvageable Property
  • Apply Thorough Sanitation Treatments – Multiple Times
  • Assess and Test the Satiation Level
  • Provide a Certificate of Completion/Safe Habitation Document

Dedicated & Confidential Cleanup Services

If a barbaric crime ever disrupts your life or the lives of people close to you, it is normal that you‘ll need time to process the events. We understand this because we interact with victims of atrocious events every day. But there are people in the general public who just don’t seem to understand this, and media or neighbors may badger you for information, which you’re obviously not ready to give. Our local Waco cleanup crew understands that what has happened is your story and that you have the right to tell it first. We never disclose pictures or information about the events or area to anyone that doesn’t need to know.

Contact KRI for crime scene cleaning in Waco, Texas at 1-888-382-2930, [email protected], or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.

Professional Cleanup Qualifications:

40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER Certified
Bloodborne Pathogens Certification
TX Motor Carrier Permit
Licensed TX Contractor
Licensed TX Trauma Scene Waste Management Practitioner

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